Contact Management

The Contact Management module consolidates contacts into a single location and associates accounts with sales opportunities, account information and customer case information.

“2009 Best of Open Source Enterprise Software Award from InfoWorld”

Account Management
The Account Module capabilities provide a single view of customers across products, geographies, account, and status. In one single page, users see not only account information, but all associated sales opportunities, contacts, activities, history, cases and quotes.

Mobile Solutions
Stay in touch while on-the-go with Sugar mobile functionality. Sugar offers wireless and PDA access that is hassle-free so you can continue to work away from the office.

Opportunity Management
The Opportunity Management allows your team to close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information, tracking deal progress, and recording deal-related interactions. Customize Sugar to fit how your opportunity management process works, including sales methodologies, account details, and opportunity handling.
Sales Trends
The Reporting module gives sales managers the insight needed to adjust to changing business conditions. On one screen, sales managers can monitor the pipeline of sales representative by sales stage, view how many calls each rep has made over a given time period, and monitor closed and expected revenue for the quarter. 
The Workflow management streamlines critical business processes within your organization. Administrators can create custom business processes based on Sugar Objects. Users can also define alerts, actions and triggers to become a more responsive to customer demands.
Underlying marketing, sales and support activities, Sugar Collaboration provides capabilities to manage email within Sugar while integrating with Microsoft Outlook, schedule and track activities, manage projects, and work in offline or mobile settings. Sugar collaboration streamlines common tasks and promotes more effective communication with employees and customers.
anejo de WorkFlow
Automatice sus procesos de negocio y cree alertas en cada hito o actividad en la cual sea importante hacer un seguimiento o verificar una lista de chequeo. SugarCrm le permite clonar al mejor vendedor de su compañia.